Sunday, April 29, 2012

Elephants in Malaysia.

Have you seen the movie "Water for Elephants?" We watched it and really enjoyed it. This reminded us that there is an elephant sanctuary just outside K.L. which would be fun to take Joshua to.
We packed up a picnic lunch and headed of to Kuala Gandah Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary.
Gandah is the Bahasa word for elephant.
It took nearly two hours to get to the sanctuary and we had to time it that we were there before two o'clock as that is when the "show" takes place.
The sanctuary is home to about eight Asian elephants and these elephants are trained to do a couple of tricks and entertain the crowds. One of the main purposes of the sanctuary is to educate the public and to encourage an understanding of these magnificent creatures.

 A few notable differences between the Asian and the Africa elephant is:
The ears....the Asian elephant has small pointed ears and we think it looks like the map of India whereas the African elephant has rather large ears and is more like the map of Africa.
The African elephant.

Asian male elephants grow tusks unlike African elephants where the bull and the cow have tusks.
The African elephant has wrinkled skin whereas the Asian elephant has smoother skin.
The African elephant is much bigger  than the Asian elephant with a shoulder height of 3 to 4 meters whereas the Asian elephant is only 2 to 3'5 meters!
The elephants at the sanctuary are lovely and everyone is encouraged to purchase a packet of shelled peanuts and to feed these friendly creatures. A great experience for the public, especially the children.
Imagine touching the eles in Kruger.

It was a HOT day and standing watching the show was difficult. Joshua was more interested in running around the magic garden and playing with a stick he had picked up. However, for those who did stay, they were able to feed the elephants and play on the elephant's back when they go into the river, to take a bath and cool down. A wonderful opportunity for the public.

 It did not take much encouragement for us to climb  into the air conditioned car and come back to K.L. for a swim and a bit of cooling down ourselves.


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  1. The asian elephants are really, dare I say, 'dainty' compared to our African elephants!