Saturday, June 28, 2014

On the go again!

After a hectic almost three weeks at home we were back to JHB. and ready to head off for our three month trip overseas! I say hectic, as I tried to jam as much into my limited time at home as possible!

Firstly, I had to get over a miserable cough and cold which I tried very hard not to pass on. One day my aged neighbour stuck her head out the door and I happened to be walking along and she smiled so sweetly and asked how I was. I answered that I had a lousy chest cold and before I could tell her that I was on the mend she gave a yelp of panic and shut her door rather hurriedly. Obviously she was determined to escape any flying germs! Ah well.....!

I spent my self imposed seclusion making several quilt tops and crocheting squares for blankies. I think I have about 17 quilts in different stages of completion and a few promises of quilts from friends. My dream of having 67quilts to hand over by July next year is becoming more of a reality!


This I made from left overs of African fabrics which Sarah gave me ages ago to make a duvet cover.

Not sure but it was just a pretty piece I found lying around!

Robyn put these strips together, her first effort and I assembled them. Well done sis. Here's to you doing a few more!

I used up some of me Malaysian fabric scraps. Oh the memories!

I look forward to seeing them quilted which my friend Mary said she would do!

With Oscar's birthday coming up I was asked to make thirty Ben Ten watches. They turned out so cute and one was put into every party pack.

All my chores done, socialized shopped, packed etc. we were off to JHB. Oscar turned five and we were so pleased we could share this special day with him. Everything revolved round Ben Ten and Sarah, Adrien and their team did a brilliant job.

Soon we were jetting off to K.L. And after two long trips it was great to arrive and see Nick and Joshua! It was also wonderful to back in the beautiful weather again! No sooner had we arrived and we attended a "soccer party" at Joshies school. The World Cup fever sure has everyone celebrating.



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