Thursday, June 26, 2014


To round off our travels Sarah had invited us to join her and Adrein, Nicole and Mark at Willow Lodge in Malkerns valley. The girls went ahead on Wednesday as they have opened a branch in SD and needed to tie up their business deals. We left early with Oscar on the Friday and Adrien and Mark brought up the rears little later in the day. We have to really stayed anywhere in Swaziland since we left BIg Bend in ......but we do pass through regularly driving from Durban to the Kruger Park.


Swaziland is as lovely as ever and the people friendly and fun. The cherry on the top was that our weekend coincided with "Bushfire" the festival of African music, held annually in the valley and based at House on Fire. Yippeee....I have been dying to go. This was its seventh year of the festival and each year it gets better and better according to the pundits.


Sarah thought of everything, great accommodation, VIP parking and seating! I had such a bad dose of flu, I loved the beautiful warm days but was happy to crawl into bed just after we had settled Oscar!


How fortunate we were to enjoy the music of one of the GREATEST bands ever, Ladysmith Black Mbaso! Their dance rhthym and music was just marvelous!



The entire show and attractions were so well organized representing the best of Swaziland. The arts and the crafts is something to be truly proud of.


It was great seeing some of our friends and ex pupils from Big Bend .we even popped into Manzini Market and while there is not much fabric for sale anymore the market is just the same.



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