Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lombok. Sengigi.

It is time for island holiday and we have chosen Lombok and the Gili Islands. It is such an unknown for us except for Moira having been here with friends in a rented home that we did not really know where we should go or vIsit. Warren as per usual has done all the slog of reading up and planning. I got the giggles when he described the place he had booked us into for two nights. The rates were so reasonable, the description so charming etc. I teased that it may be made of cardboard and be a shack. Rajasthan I am pleased to say turned out just fine. Our room was delightful with a outside bathroom. No hot water but who needs hot water on an island? The staff are friendly and accommodating and the main road (and only real road is just down the way!

Instead of using the fast taxi from the airport we took the bus to Sengigi. We were the only tourists on the bus but everyone smiled and were pleasant. The plane was choc a bloc mainly with workers returning home for Ramadan. The airport was jammed with family waiting for family to return. On the drive back we were so impressed with the rice paddies, fields of corn, water buffalo and noticed that most of the land is being used to produce some crop or other.

Our little resort is down a dusty road and along a narrow lane. It is like a little oasis.

Of course there is definitely a good taste of Bali around here except that this is a Muslim island which is made obvious by mosques on every corner....this is not an exaggeration. Arriving at the start of Ramadan the calls to prayer are very busy and some times from our room it sounds as though the calls are in competition with each other! What amazes me, after a stroll around the back streets from our resort is the beautifully maintained mosques while people right next door live in such squalor! I never mind seeing humble abodes but when there is so much dirt and right at the front door and seeing the children play and frolic in the muck, I do get upset and feel disturbed. Is it because people don't care or are not aware or what. Where is the pride? Come on people of live in a piece of paradise, look after it!

Another worrying sight is the broken coral washed up on the beaches! There is SOOOO much, is this a sign of sheer neglect by beach authorities to curb boats from using certain areas? Where is all this destruction going to end up?

We spent the morning on the beach and the water temperature is lovely. Lots of families are spending the first day of Ramadan picnicking and swimming.

Our resort is super has great wifi so I could catch up with my Blog

The lounge and the bathroom!



Some of the garden "ornaments"!

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