Saturday, February 1, 2014


NaBloPoMo Or National Blog Posting Month.


I guess a little pressure is a good thing. I have taken on a challenge, NaBloPoMo, to blog every day for the month of February and I am not sure I can do it. TWENTY EIGHT DAYS ON THE RUN!

The older I get the less I like being under any pressure but sometimes it can be a very good thing! I am going to give this a bash. The only time I may battle to get something published on my blog will be when I am traveling and have no access to the Internet but that does not mean I am not writing. I am always creating and writing in my head and only sometimes on paper/ I pad! I also have this thing about preferring to write in the morning when I am all fresh and inspired. I am going to keep a notebook handy and will endeavour to jot down ideas and stories. I am also concerned as to whether anyone is interested in reading my ramblings. To those of you who are my regular readers, thank you, I hope you don't find this tedious but bare with me, things can only get better.

I like posting pictures with my writing and now I am not sure if this will happen with my daily musings. It is a bit like a New Years Resolution but instead of it happening on the first of January it is happening on the first of February.

On Facebook, my daughter posed the question "How do you rate the month of January on a scale of 1 to 10. On reflection I will have to give it a resounding 10 for the following reasons:

We/ I started the year off in Australia with the Australian family with whom we had loads of fun. This includes our son and daughter in law and their three children plus a visit to my brother, SIL and their families.

Next on the Agenda was Malaysia where we spent much time with our Malaysian family, having loads of fun.

I have got back to my exercise routine with swimming lengths and I am beginning to feel fit.

Getting my mind around losing weight and eating healthily.

Connecting with lots of good friends.

Having the confidence to take on this challenge and to spend the month of love writing regularly and publishing it on my Blog.

So here goes folks, this is my recap of January and I am wondering what February has in store for us.

If I enjoy writing every day then the pressure is a good thing, if not, then it proves I am no good working under PRESSURE.

Taken at the National gardens in Kuala Lumpur.


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