Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Doing the tourist thing!

We have been visiting Kuala Lumpur for many years and I have only just discovered the there is a Textile Museum in the city! How did I miss that? It's time to do my tourist thing and to go and explore! Fortunately it is relatively close to the Masjid Jamek LRT station.....just a few blocks away.

En route, I stopped to ask a uniformed guard as to where exactly the Textile Musem was. He shook his head...oh no, this place I am looking for, is FAR away,he says,and his hands point up over the hill and into the faraway distance . I would need to call a "teksi"! Not on your life, I know it's nearer than what he is describing! The guard shrugged his shoulders, gave me a look of "another know all tourist" and returned to his post. Beginning to doubt myself I was relieved to find that just around the very next corner, is the building I am looking for. Hooray! Why did the guy not know this?

At the Textile Museum, I describe what had just happened to the desk attendant and he ponders for a few moments and smiles and says....the guard thought you wanted the 'National Museum' and for that you need a taxi! Ahhh, that explains it all and clears up some nasty judgmental thoughts running through my head and getting close to my lips!

The Museum is housed in a beautiful Moorish building built in 1896. Entrance is free and there are four different galleries. All the different Asian influences are explained and the beautiful batik and Songket fabrics are displayed. It is difficult to take good photos as the interior of the galleries is dimly lit due to the preservation of the beautiful fabrics.

A bonus was an additional exhibition by Zandra Rhodes, "A lIfelong love affair with Textiles". Born in 1940, she is an exciting "before her time" type of textile and fashion designer. She modeled her own clothes and is known for her green,now pink hair and dramatic make up. Zandra has dressed many of the top names in society plus designed costumes for shows. Where was I during these times? I don't recall ever hearing about her. Mary Quant, Twiggy, Oscar de La Renta etc. but not Zandra Rhodes.


It was great fun seeing something so refreshing and delightful. You just never know what is around the next corner.


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