Thursday, August 22, 2013


You cannot visit Kuala Lumpur without paying a visit to KLCC or Kuala Lumpur City Centre. This is of course situated right under the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers. We were dropped off at a nearby LRT station and took the train for the last few stops before arriving at our destination. Joshua loves trains and enjoys his weekly adventure with his Grandfather. This time I tagged along as I wanted to visit the ArtGallery in the Mall and Joshua wanted to go to the Aquarium.


The station is situated right under the Towers and it is quite magical arriving "on the spot"! This is a perfect place for 'people watching', as tourists arrive from all over the world plus locals like to pay the centre a visit. The shopping centre is called Suria KLCC. One could spend all day just people watching or window shopping.....which I think a lot of locals do!

Our first stop was to the beautiful gardens as we arrived early and it was cool enough to be outside.

The entire set up is built on a hundred acres of land and is described as a city within a city. in addition to the Mall and the Gardens, there are play areas, a pool, a mosque which seats 12000 people and a joggers track. Everything is kept in pristine condition and is something all Malaysians must be proud of.


Suria KLCC has to be one of the most spectacular Malls ever! It spans six floors and is home to every big name in fashion, dining, Bookshops, furniture etc. My favorite shop is Kinokuniya Book Store. It is massive and is said to house 300,000 titles. It has a Japanese section (being a Japanese shop) a Chinese Section, a Malaysian section and of course an English section. Once before on one of my visits I enquired after a book that i wished to purchas and after checking the computer, I was told to go to Aisle 14, Section 4, the third shelf and the fourth book! And there it was! I was gob smacked! Every book has its place and is recorded on the computer. I spent an hour looking at the Craft magazines in the Japanese section and am sorry to say I might have confused things a bit!


Joshua was eager to visit the "equarium" as he called it, so he and Poppie went off to enjoy viewing some of the 5000 exhibits.

Joshie says the sharks are the best!

I went off to visit the Art Gallery. Oh what a treat. The present exhibition is labeled 'Convergence - Allegories of the Malaysian landscape both past and present.' By far, my favorite artists on show were Ismail Mat Hussein and Chuah Thear Teng. Both of these artists had work on show that showed their batik work. They were brilliant. Unfortunately using a camera in the gallery is not usually allowed so I couldn't take happy snaps but I have found a few pics on Flickr, which I hope no one minds me using to show this wonderful Artby these artists.

It takes Batik art to a whole different level. What a feast for me, a real Artist's Treat and it is all free! I love visiting that Gallery and am so pleased I managed to catch this exhibition. I will be back in December!


The Petronas Towers are at their best at night as they are outlined in silvery lights against the black sky. What a sight! Amazing Malaysia!

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