Monday, August 26, 2013

Confessions of a quilter.

It is no secret that I LOVE fabric. I love to touch it, stroke it, smell it, dream about it and most of all OWN it. I also like using it, trying out all sorts of projects. I really don't mind if I don't finish what I start before starting the next project. My head is filled with a long list of things I want to make. I hear many wonderful quilters say that they NEVER start anything new before they finish their task of the moment. I admire them!

Do I want to be like them? No!

Will I ever be like them? NO!

I came across this quote from Greg Anderson and just have to share it.

"Focus on the journey and not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it."

Good thinking! I do not deny that it is a great feeling of achievement once I finish the binding, finish the label and cut the last thread on a quilt. But I like to have several projects on the go.

I don't really like shopping except for Book shops and fabric shops. We have been here in K.L. For almost six weeks and on the second day we were here Moira and I passed a vendor selling Malaysian fabrics and she insisted on buying me these three pieces. These pieces are usually used as wraps for men when wearing their traditional clothing. They are about two meters in length and make terrific backings for quilts or I may cut them up and use them in a new quilt. Any suggestions?

Not having our own transport. we don't get out and about as much as we would like however I have discovered a Japanese shop in the local Mall within walking distance. Everything is five Ringgitt which is about fifteen rands. Everytime I get to the Mall I buy a few of these fat quarters. They are fresh and delightful. Who can resist these?


Eventually, we managed to get to Midvalley Mall which has a huge fabric shop called Khamdar and I bought two fabrics which I am sure I am going to find lots of use for.

In fact they inspired me to use them for my "Stilllife"


Sorry, the vases look a little wobbly in this photie.


On another occasion we managed to get to our original hunting grounds across the city and I found super BenTen fabric which I bought and made up for Ben's birthday. While there, I checked the Japanese cottons and could not resist getting a few pretty pieces at five Ringgit a meter...five Ringitt! Wow.


This week we took Joshua to the aquarium and had to catch our return bus near China Town and I visited an amazing fabric shop called Isetan and just had to buy a few meters of the most beautiful quality Japanese fabrics.....all dotty and spotty ! They cost a little more but well worth it.


In addition to my new stash, Moira has given me a few of her "pieces" from her collection which I will leave here for future use.I am so grateful to her for the use of her sewing machine, cutting board, cutter and ruler!

Between packing two lovely carpets purchased and my bits and pieces, fitting it all into our suitcases is going to be a tad challenging. One of the minor challenges of travel.



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  1. Wow.... what a great new stash you have collected!