Saturday, August 17, 2013

All good things....

Ramadan has come and gone and now we are nearing the end of a week of Hari Raya, when everyone relaxes and enjoys time with family and friends. The atmosphere is indeed rather festive with the Malls bursting with sales and special offers.

To end the month of fasting once again we were invited to a special luncheon in a neighboring state and this time I wasn't half as nervous as the previous time as I knew what to expect. We are very privileged as we are invited to dine in the "inner chambers" of the palace. The wife of the Prince oversees the preparation of the food herself always trying out new and interesting dishes. She has been told that I am a quilter and during the meal requested that we get together to talk quilting as she too is a quilter.

I did not take my camera along as I felt it was inappropriate however no one else worried about that and the Prince and his wife were fine about posing for pics, I would have liked to have captured some of the beautiful outfits the women were wearing. It is traditional that families wear the same colours and his year the Prince and his sons wore deep turquoise a and his wife and daughters wore cerise pink with lots of beading. This is a fun time just people watching or rather fashion watching.

It was a wonderful chance for us all but in particular Joshua, to play on the beach and swim in the sea.

As it is traditional for all Muslim Malaysians to visit their family homes during this period the roads are extremely busy and the cities are emptiesh, with many businesses closed so we returned home a day earlier than expected. Warren and I popped off to our favorite mall expecting to enjoy our favorite meal in our favorite restaurant. Guess what, after much anticipation, driving across the city the restaurant was closed!! That treat may have to wait ...!


As I did not get to sit with our hostess last week and talk Quilting I thought I would have fun making a little something for her. I only had a few day in which to get something made so I could not be too adventurous. Out came the bag of scraps .....and off we go.


I do love Malaysian fabrics and Moira had given me a beautiful turquoise piece to use.


What fun I had doing this little "Malaysian Beauty" as I call it. I did not have time or the inclination to use embroidery to decorate this but had a small box of buttons I had bought at my favorite little Japanese shop.

I also had fun putting together a " Still Life". I will blanket stitch it and do the quilting when I get home.

Having the timsand such excellent access to the net I have loved "surfing" all the quilt sites and marveling at the wonderful work so many quilters do. People are generous with their tutorials and advice. I am aiming for my "Masters in Quilting on the net".


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