Monday, July 2, 2012

Wearing flowers in our hair

We have had ten days Back in K.L. To get things on track for our trip to San Francisco, California. back in the late sixties, early seventies the popular song about going to San Francisco and being sure to wear flowers in your hair conjured up all sorts of images and from what I can gather we won't be disappointed. As we have a twenty hour flight there with a stop over in Hong Kong, I think any flowers I would wear would be rather wilted.



Talking of flowers in your hair, warren, Moira and I watched "The Lady" which is the movie about Aung San Suu Kyi the Burmese leader. She always wore flowers in her hair through the toughest times and darkest days. I think of it as a symbol of hope, light and fun. What an amazing women, not unlike our wonderful Nelson Madiba Mandela. Making so many personal sacrifices for your country and spending so many years locked away from society. What a wonderful example she is of self sacrifice and determination. Hats off to Nelson and Aung Suu Chi.






We have not seen our Australian family for eighteen months now and much water has passed under the bridge for them. Most importantly is the move from Melbourne to San Francisco. Ben was just a baby when we last saw him and now he is quite the lad! Poppie can't wait to play trains and kick a ball to him.

Molly has lost her front teeth and Hannah is so excited about her up and coming birthday celebrations. She is having no less than three parties including one in Hawaii!

So now to go and jam all the presses into the suitcases and set off for the long haul.

This by the way is my first post using an app called Blogsy. Let's hope it works as it will change my Blogging life.


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  1. Blogsy works yeah!!! I am not too old to learn how this all happens. Now to retrieve my lost post!!