Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Part of the Hawaiin Culture is to enjoy a LAHUA which is a traditional feast, followed by the lighting of the flames and jumping into the sea off a high point. The nearest venue was the Sheraton Hotel, so off we set everyone dressed to the nines!! 

The weather was superb and perfect for being out and watching the sun go down.

The evening started off with the lighting of the flame followed by jumping off Black Rock.

As I understand it the jumping off the rock represents ridding the earth of evil spirits. The Sheraton has someone jump off the rock every night......interesting job!


Then the band struck up and the real fun began. Hawaiin music is great and listening to this music reminded me of the movie "South Pacific, " a huge favorite of mine. I think this movie was the first of its kind being a musical.


The dancing began, with the dancers all dressed up n colorful costumes and those hips swaying in time to the delightful music.


We were keeping cool and hydrated by enjoying a couple of exotic drinks.

The children danced and pranced and had loads of fun.

Our camera man (Poppie) wandered round taking interesting pics.

We had not booked in for the "feast" part of the evening but little Ben could not resist the pudds!

Nothing like a bit of self,service!

Molly has set her dreams on being a Hawaiin dancer too!

Hannah, too enjoyed the sweets of the evening.


A great evening was had by all! If you have the chance don't miss out on a LAHUA!!

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