Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hawaiin Quilting and back to Lahaina.

It was a day for the girls to go off to Lahaina on our own while the boys took the car, loaded up the children and set off on their own adventures. Diana and I made use of the free shuttle service and set off in the opposite direction! Lahaina was the original Royal capital of Hawaii and was well known for its whaling! It is a charming town with one of the prettiest main roads ever!  

There are over fifty galleries selling Art. We were able to see work by several film stars, for example, Red Skelton, Anthony Quinn, Anthony Hopkins amongst others.


We really loved this piece of work although I am not sure I want it in my home!

An interesting Craft Market was being held under the BIGGEST banyan tree I have ever seen. It is impossible to capture the magnitude of this tree in one photograph as it spans the entire block. From the original main trunk the branches have re rooted and grown in all directions! It is the most amazing sight ever.


Of course we were on a mission to find the quilting shop and see some traditional Hawaiin quilts.

Unfortunately the person working here was not very friendly so we did not spend too much time in the shop. We found a general clothing and gift shop that had a lovely display of Hawaiin quilts for us to enjoy.

I love these three examples. If you are interested in knowing how these are done, think back to your school days when we folded a square of paper into eighths and cut "snowflakes" and that will give you a good idea! The edges are needle turned onto a background fabric and with a little echo quilting, you have a Hawaiin quilt!


We ended our day off with a wander down to the harbour and lunch at the Pioneer Inn.

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