Wednesday, July 25, 2012

House Sitting in San Francisco.



To alleviate the space problems in the family home Diana sent out a request in the community letter as to anyone needing house sitting during the period that we are staying here. To deviate a little, I think having a "community" email letter being sent out regularly is such a great idea. This makes it possible to communicate with your neighbors without invading their private space and also makes it easy to send messages out quickly. The positive possibilities are endless and could break down many barriers.

To continue, Diana got two positive responses and so we have stayed in two different homes. The first home was just across the road where we had to take care of Dooper, the family rabbit. He is a beautiful creature and loves being fussed over and was no problem whatsoever.

The second home is a block away and is a very cute house. The owner wrote out very detailed instructions as to how to take care of Watson the dog and the two beautiful black cats! Warren and Watson bonded and went on many long walks together. The cats kept their distance and had a flap in the door in the basement through which they would sneak in and out. When Winston was out for his walk they would follow at a distance just checking that their friend would be brought back safely. Warren described them as being "furtive" a lovely old fashioned word. I loved watering the garden every day. It is on a small piece of ground but is a bit of an "English country garden."


The children came over and enjoyed playing with Watson and this too was a bonus.

What I have learnt from the two homes I have been so fortunate to stay in in the states, is that these folk have bright happy homes, practical as they do their own housework and that they love their pets. All the home owners I have met are aware of recycling too. Even on the plane flying back from Hawaii, the air hostess had two garbage packets one for rubbish and one for recycling. We really need to improve our attitude back home!!


These enjoyable home stays has got me thinking that maybe we could do more of this while traveling around South Africa and further afield. So should YOU need house sitters just let me know. We will look after your pets, water your garden, empty your postbox etc.



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