Thursday, July 26, 2012

Build a Bear!

Because we flew back from Hawaii on Hannah's birthday her celebrations went on for three days. The morning after we arrived home was gift opening time. I think this family have shares in the "Barbie" business! Oh my what beautiful gifts Hannah received. I wish I was five all over again! Tea time was birthday cake time and Hannah enjoyed blowing out her candles!

Saturday dawned and wow! The girls were so excited to take their friends to "Build a bear" party.

Ten beautifully dressed little girls arrived at the venue and were so excited to be able to choose their own teddy and then to top it all they could choose a pretty outfit to dress their teddies in.

The group gathered and "Grant" took over laying down some basic rules like " Let us stick together like peanut butter and jelly."

Once the teddies were stuffed, the girls took it in turns to bathe them.

Now came the difficult part, choosing an outfit. Oh my, what beautiful options there were. I would have taken hours to choose but these little ladies knew exactly what they want. The teddies were dressed and we ended up with ten very happy little ladies.

Now it was time to go off for pizza and lemonade. Diana had also baked a batch of cup cakes which she decorated so sweetly with My Pony rings!!

Ten very cute little bears and their owners were happy to go home!! it was time for Diana to rest up until the next birthday!


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