Saturday, May 5, 2012

Petaling Street, China Town.

Join me for a walk through Petaling Street.

 Anybody visiting Kuala Lumpur will be encouraged to visit Petaling Street or China Town, as it is referred to. It is a haven for shoppers to procure cheap and fun gifts in fact even if you don't buy anything it is a great place to wander around.
Entrance to Petaling Street.

There is the most amazing atmosphere as the vendors call out and invite you to check their wares.

It is a bargainers delight as you try to beat the price right down. The vendors  sell any and everything.
You can buy imitation goods of most well known brands including Prada, Gucci, Rolex, Calvin Klein etc.

The streets are lined with permanent shops and then just beyond the pavement the vendors set up their stalls. If you are feeling the heat you can walk along the pavement as it is covered but if you can take the heat the best way to enjoy the atmosphere is walking down the motor  traffic free road!
Roasted Chestnuts.


Food is an essential part of any market experience but more especially in Malaysia as the people of Malaysia and the visitors to Malaysia, LOVE to eat!! There are many restaurants tucked away behind the stalls selling a wide variety of foodstuff. Vendors too have a great deal on offer.
Sweet pork Bao

 One of my favourites is Bao....a soft steamed bun
  filled with sweet pork!!
Sweet potato snacks
Anyone for porridge.

Rambotan (a hairy fruit)

Mangosteens (tastes like a lychee.

These are just a few of the wonderful fruits which are unique to Malaysia and surrounding Asian countries.
The KING of all the fruits is the Durian. I will endeavour to get a photo of one soon, however it is such a bad smelling fruit, one just does not want to get too close. I remember on one occasion we had boarded a plane and everyone was all settled in their seats. Our seat belts  were in place and we ready for take off when the pilot came on over the mike to say that the plane would NOT be taking off until such time that the person who has Durian on their bag, owns up. It is forbidden to take durian on the planes. We waited and waited as the air hostesses went up and down trying to sniff out the source of the overwhelming smell of Durian. The pilot threatened again and eventually I said to Warren that I had spotted two little boys eating durian while we were lining up to get on the plane. We call the airhostess over and I told her my story. She found the two llittle boys and their mother admitted to her sons having eaten durian but assured the staff that they had no more with them. But the smell lingered and lingered. We eventually took off once the cabin had been sprayed! 
It is something one HATES or LOVES!!

According to Wikipedia, British novelist Anthony Burgess writes that eating durian is "like eating sweet raspberry in the lavatory."
Anthony Bourdain, a lover of durian says your breath will smell as if you'd been French kissing your dead grandmother!!

And then there are T shirts, clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery etc. anything you could wish for.

I was most interested in buying a few DVD's which cost ten Ringitt ( about twenty five rand) but I was unable to find the ones I wanted, but I will be going back soon again and maybe I will get them then.

Before you leave the market, it is the best place to stock up with some fresh flowers!!

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