Saturday, May 5, 2012

Central Market.

Across the way from China Town is the Central Market which is also a mecca for tourists. the advantage of shopping here, is that it is Air Conditioned.....which one needs by midday!

I have been visiting this market for the past ten years and have seen it grow and become a great place to wander around or to shop. It is visited by both tourists and local folk looking for something special. there are bargains galore from China, India, Indonesia and local fare.

A wonderful selection of bags and purses are available.

A little shop upstairs sells the traditional Malaysian kite. It is called "Wau" (wow) because the wind is shaped lid the Arabic letter Wow. These kites are particularly popular in the Eastern states of Terenganu or Kelantan where farmers are said to have used them as flying scarecrows. There are many stories about the origin of these beautiful kites are they are beautifully made using bamboo and rice paper.

All sorts of "lekker" food is available.

Milo ice is a "hot" cold favourite!

Interesting coconut delights!

Books galore!!

Beautiful shoes!

If you are tired you can have your feet nibbled!!

Not like some workers.
And of course beautiful  batik fabrics.
I made this little quilt using fabrics purchased in the market.

and these.

A lovely few hours spent in a Kuala Lumpur's Central market.

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  1. The colours make my mouth water. What a wonderful place to visit.