Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cricket, cricket,cricket!

Coach Warren.
While waiting for our bus, we got friendly with a group of local boys. Their English was pretty good and they loved practicing it on us. Being school holidays,  much time was spent throwing a ball around. Cricket is the most favoured sport and topic wherever you go in India and before we knew it Warren was invited to join the boys in the afternoon at their cricket game.

He also gave them a few coaching lessons while we were waiting for the bus that never arrived. When we did get to town he bought the kids a new ball for which they were really grateful.
This old boy just watched quietly.

 Next to all this action was this porker lying, tethered to a tree. It probably knew it's time was up!
Right near this spot is the BUTCHERY!
The Butchery was undergoing a few renovations before piggy was going to be prepared for Easter lunch! These fellows, plus a few passersby were propping up the roof and adding an extra pole. Once the pole was in place, all of the helpers had to test the strength of the new pole by swinging on it to test it's strength. is all ready for the .....piggy.
The Big Test

I am sorry to say that piggy is not going to make it to the market!!

So after sitting around watching the passing show and Warren doing a bit of coaching, we are gave up on the bus and went into town in a tuk tuk.

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