Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Moving on!

All good things come to an end and it is time for us to take leave of the Backwaters. this special place has given us the peace we were seeking, the healing we needed, time to reflect and a chance to appreciate the wonderful world we live in. We feel that we have touched the soul of India ...just a little.
Our last night was filled with the most beautiful colours, reflected across the water from the sunset. We have so many amazing images, experiences and special moments to take away with us. Wow!

I was awakened early to the chatter of a couple of fisher women! They have to get to work early before the big commercial boats start using the waters so to mark their spot as a warning to passing traffic a long stick is stuck in the mud. These women were fishing for sand mussels.A basket is lowered on the bed of the water and then they jump and jiggle on them to make them go deeper and after awhile they go down and bring them up and empty their baskets into the boat. They seem to  stay down for  such a long time too!

Mussels are not only used for eating but also for fishing. So I guess the women get the bait and the men get the big fish!!

It was time to bid the family goodbye. Thomas and Josie loaded our luggage onto their bikes and pushed them down the canal to where we would get the tuk tuk to take us to the bus station for the next leg of our journey.

Note our luggage being transported on the bicycles!!
Oh dear, we've forgotten the coke for the journey in the fridge!! So back we go.

It was a hot morning and the perspiration was pouring off my face although it was just after eight in the morning. Rosie thought I was having a cry because we were leaving and she hugged me and said she knows we will be back soon!! I hope so, but who knows. We leave with lots of wonderful memories which we will dwell on for a long time to come.

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  1. Read your post on gmail but don't seem to pick up ...updated posts on your blogspot and don't know if you get replies on gmail. Thanks for all the info, sounds very exciting. All well here and hope that you aren't too worn out.LOL