Sunday, December 14, 2014

On the move.

So there we were just enjoying the bush and chilling with Mother Nature (and special friends) when my D.B. (Dearly Beloved) announces that he has asked our friend Gavin to find us a house in White River. Now, is that the way to announce what obviously has been spinning around in his head?? To say that I was surprised is rather an under statement however it is a great surprise as I love the Lowveld and was very sad to leave it eleven years ago! Anyway, at my age and stage does anything shock or really surprise is??

I never said much for 24 hours waiting to see if this was just a pipe dream or so e fantasy which could have been induced by the good company of our Lowveld friends, the beautiful sun set, the elephant in our Garden etc. but NO. The next day my DB decided that it was time for action and that we need to do some house searching! True to his word Gavin had contacted several agents and he and my lovely friend Mary hosted us for the weekend as we house searched. This whole experience took me back to when I sold property all of twenty something years ago. It is interesting to see how others live. The one little home was all orange and glitter which the owner had taken great care to prepare for viewing but as we stepped inside we could not breathe. She obviously was a chain smoker....we just couldn't wait to get out! Then there is the house where the dogs had pooped all over the verandah and garden....I know we need extra security but for heaven sake remove the bombs before viewers arrive! And so it goes.

We eventually found something and somewhere we could make a home and to cut a looooong story short we put in an offer which has been accepted. Now to sell our home.

On return to Toti I had intentions of beginning my packing and sorting things out with just a little sewing and seeing all my buddies before we leave for Malaysia. Then I get this frantic call from our daughter...."mom do you think you and Aunty Rob could make twenty tote bags for my company?" Aunty Rob is very busy making my wedding outfit and is studying for end of year Grade five exams with Dylan, so she is not one bit interested. I am so bad at saying no and in any case a little spending money would be great as I want to get garden furniture for our new home....okay, I will do it! "But Mom, it's not twenty, it's twenty five but we will settle for thirty tote bags and they all need to be lined using your African fabrics!!"

This all needed to be done in just over a week. So to the grindstone I went. My shoulders ached, my back ached, but I was determined that I could do this. During my "breaks" I was shoving stuff in cupboards, under beds etc. so that the flats could be viewed in our absence, in the hope of a quick sale while we are in Malaysia.Ssoon we were off to JHB. where I needed to complete my bags once they had been printed on.

Sarah wanted to use the completed tote bags as corporate gifts.


Mission completed, last minute Christmas shopping done, our first Christmas family dinner under the belt we were ready for our next adventure in Malaysia.


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