Friday, October 10, 2014

Joy in the air....

This was written whilst we were at our bush house.


And the rains came! It is just after six in the morning and I just had to get up. The house is filled with friends who are visiting for the weekend. They have come to celebrate my husband's sixty ninth birthday and to have time to commune and catch up. Last night was rather chilly so the girls stayed indoors and exchanged news and the boys spent their time around the fire discussing world affairs! There is no doubt the two conversations had very little in common as the three girlfriends spend our lives thinking about our children and their children while the men discuss current affairs! Men are definitely from Mars and women from Venus.

With the coolth came the little drops of rain. The little drops eventually, once the meat was cooked and dinner eaten, turned into real rain! At last! Our bushveld is crying, in fact begging for rain and at last this wish has been granted. This morning there is definite joy in the air as I listen to a large variety of birds singing and praising. The Oriole is busy warbling her melodic watery sounds, a "Piet my vrou"is celebrating the rain, bush shrikes are popping in and out the bushes.

This is not my photo!

Soon the dry grass and dry twigs will burst with shades of green and I am sure we will SEE this corner of the world turn green. The skies are dark which is good, as more rain is sure to fall. We don't mind, as driving in the rain is good but we have enough coffee, biscuits and topics of conversation and good books to keep us fueled should we choose to stay home during the wet days to follow.

More than all of this what got me going early this morning, are the woodpeckers.I could hear pecking and pecking! What busy little birds they are. So industrious as they peck away at the dry branches looking for snacks. I managed to get really close to the little fellow I could hear and just stood and marveled at this industrious bird. Eventually his friend, who had been busy in another tree came over and they had a chat and flew off. I do hope they come back to our garden as they are so welcome here.

Photo:Animal wildlife.


Mother Nature has once again delivered on her promises. Thank you for the much needed rain. The cycle of life continues.




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