Friday, May 16, 2014


Tau lodge.

On the way to Botswana from Harties where the wedding was held, it seemed to be the most sensible thing to do and that is stay at Tau Lodge in Madikwe. My nephew Giles has been here for about eighteen months and from Toti I just never imagined we would get to visit this far flung area!! Never, say never! Christopher came up with the suggestion so I contacted Giles and he was delighted to have us stay for two nights. The drive through Hekpoort and Rustenburg was most interesting as we had only been to Rustenburg once before. Despite the mines closing down there is a great deal off development and much made to attract tourists too!

On arrival at the lodge we were greeted by Giles, the welcoming staff, a drink and this beautiful sight!

Our five star room had a little deck over looking the "pan" and the birds had a marvelous time swimming and playing in the water. In fact the first thing we saw when we opened our curtains was a slinky, slithery crocodile swimming past our window. But as it was very early in the morning and the light was not good I did not even try to take a photo.

After a hearty breakfast we set off with our guide Doey who was extremely knowledgable. It was freezing cold and we had to wear lots, use two blankets and cuddle up!

The surrounding hills are fascinating with their crumbling red rock surfaces and sprouts of wild figs every where. Doey gave us the full geographical explanation but my brain was tooooo cold to take it all in! On starting our safari Doey asked if we had any wishes and I piped up and said that I would live to see leopards! She could not find leopards but found us the most beautiful sighting of four stunning cheetahs! They were enjoying lying in the sun under the wild fig. Every now and then one would get up and mark his territory.


Being in open vehicle defnagely gives an even mote thrilling perspective when watching these magnificent creatures. We were assured that cheetah are not known to ever attack a human being. Is this true?

Who am I to argue?

On one of the trips we were lucky to see three male lion but unfortunately the light and the camera were not at their best,however, we loved watching the three rolling over each other, licking each other and in fact being quite playful.

Iam glad to say the rhino are well and looking good. We saw the anti rhino poaching force out and very active. Long may these magnificent creatures live.

Doey has her own Favourite spot for morning tea which she took us to. It is the one of the ground squirrel. There were lots of them running around having fun but one in particular came right up to us and begged for a tidbit. Doey says this squirrel was hand reared by one of the guides and then released. The naughty little beast nipped the tourist who did not heed or maybe hear, Doey's warning not to try and feed or touch the squirrel! Does Man ever learn??

Thank you to our host Giles and our guide Doey and all the wonderful staff at Tau. What a special place you have. Weare so privileged to have had a taste of your world!

The last view from our room!

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  1. Looks like a magnificent place. Food for your soul :-)