Thursday, January 23, 2014

Finding the inner child..

We all have an inner child just waiting to pop out and have some fun. A while back we were in Chamonix, France and while watching the "sky divers" take off from the top of the hill and float down into the valley I knew I had some unfinished business in my life! I really wanted to do that too. My nephew Stu offered to accompany me but my hubby rolled his eyes and showed total disapproval. I just needed a consenting, encouraging voice and I would have been off.

Riding on the back of a camel in Mongolia was one of those amazing moments in my life too.

On reflection, I realise that I have tended to play it safe but with a bit of encouragement, I could have and should have been a bit more daring!

This past weekend I needed little encouragement to have Fun and do some heart stopping, hair raising things. Nick treated us and Joshua to a trip to Johor Bahru where a whole new theme world has been built. I can't say it's just for children as adults have just as much fun! Our afternoon was spent at the venue next door to our hotel, Traders, where "various theme lands" have been built. One could choose between Hullo Kitty or Thomas the Tank Engine. Of course Thomas won the vote. There are all sorts of experiences, games and rides available. Being a Thomas devotee, Joshua had the time of his life. He even got to meet the Fat Controller and Barney.

The following day we were off to Legoland! How clever are the people who came up with this idea! It was simply amazing! Most of the rides were loads of fun and often quite scary. To think that so many wonderful things can be made from Lego!


I loved every minute especially the visit to Miniland. It was brilliant. It helped that we have visited many of the sights depicted, from all over Asia. I was speechless at the genius behind these creations.


Angkor wat.
After lunch it was time to hit Waterworld. I had left my swimming costume at home so Thought I would just be the camera man. Nick was having nothing of it and made me buy long shorts and top which although not very glamorous was perfect for a big older lady doing crazy things. Thanks Nick. I had the time of my life. We went on every scary ride possible. Joshie suffers every time he gets into the car for a long journey was totally unphased and wanted more and more and more. The only slight negative was the queuing for the various rides. It was Fun! I really felt like a kid again.


Now I have set my sites even higher....I definitely want to do the zip line in the Berg and if given the chance I too want to be pulled on the cookie at he back of Muz's boat and what about a bit of sky diving. Maybe the inner child is an adrenaline junky too!

Move over girls!


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