Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All good things....

Our three weeks in Australia are over and it has been a bumper time. The most important part of travel is not only ticking boxes of the great places we see and things we do but even MORE important are the family and friends we get to see.

Australia is an extremely expensive country for us to visit using our Rand and without the hospitality and kindness of family and friends it would be nigh impossible! We have to add a nought to every price tag we see! What looks reasonable at Ten dollars costs us in effect one hundred miserable SA rands. Just add a nought!

Fortunately our family and friends have been understanding and very generous so with our board and lodging covered we could chillax and just enjoy ourselves. We do always try to "pay" our way and contribute towards food and beverage! It is wonderful to see how friends and family are so health conscious and are looking great. Carbs, except those in a bottle, are a no no and eating greens is a priority!

While staying in Eumundi we got to meet the neighbours, Sepple and Jacquie Eggers and what delightful folk they are. Having lived in several interesting countries and now settled in Eumundi, they have interesting tales to share and we enjoyed many a wonderful hour with them. Jacquie works for Eumundi Community radio and gets to interview and train interesting local members of the community, while Sepple has created a health drink, using mangosteens, seaweed and other well researched fruits which he is busy marketing. www.

Mangosteens are readily available here in Kuala Lumpur and after reading about all theirbenefits, we will be loading up on those!

Evidently Queen Victoria offered a knight ship for anyone being able to supply her with this delicious fruit!

Being on the tourist route and holiday time, there were a stream of visitors to Chris and Diana's home and each couple had such amazing stories to tell. Cathy Stewart, a well known Australian artist went to university with Diana and she and her family stayed for a few days. It was great meeting Cathy and chatting about her work.

This is an example of Catherine's work available at "Paper Pear" in Waga Waga, New South Wales. See more of her paintings and other beautiful things to buy on Paper Pear's Facebook page.

We also got to meet couples with very young children, having had them in their forties. The theory in our day was that one should have your babies by the time your are thirty but with the advancement in our medical world it is no longer a factor. While a couple of the Dads will be in their sixties and seventies when the children get to their teens, is of little consequence these days. As Chris says, the modern fifty is yesterday's forty and if we take care of our health and keep fit we should all live till a hundred! I am not sure I want to do that but for now I need to get onto a strict health regime and to get exercising! I need Sepple's magic health tonic!

It was fun meeting up with cousin Karen in Brisbane. Kay is my age and still very involved with her teaching. She also dabbles in Painting and gave me a lovely piece to bring home.

My darling brother Lester and his wife Mandy found themselves at cross roads in their careers and have made the huge decision to give up their lovely home in Brisbane, put their treasures in storage and head for the Middle East.

Mandy is a university lecturer and was able to find a position fairly easily in Ryhadh, whilst Lester too, seems to have been lucky in getting a job. He is waiting for confirmation and for his visa and will join Mandy as soon as possible. We hold thumbs for them. I am sure many stories will be forthcoming from this unique and exciting experience.

Lastly, and such fun it was to see friends from the past who have emigrated from South Africa and are making their lives in Australia.

Simon Royston brought his beautiful daughters Bella and Samantha to visit us. Warren taught Simon and his sister Tracy in Big Bend and I taught Jubs. A fun family. You are doing a wonderful job Simon!

Wendy and Theo de Beer have just opened a printing franchise in Brisbane. A big step which we are sure that with Wendy's experience and hard work and Thea's support, will be a huge success. Good luck guys.

Claire née Russell has made a new life in Australia with hubby Mike and cutey pie Samantha. It was great catching up with them. Claire's life thus far would make for a very interesting book, me thinks. Love you always Claire Bear!


To all you wonderful people, thank you for making the effort to see us. We wish you much happiness and success in your various ventures. South Africa's loss, Australia's gain.


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