Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Moving on!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of events and emotions! We live in a "pack up and go" home so it really is easy to leave it for a few months. Warren had a few challenges to sort out as we are both on the Management Board of our block of flats and he is in charge of "Good Governannace"! He is the perfect person to do the job as he is THOROUGH! When we have Board meetings,I am reminded of when we he was the Headmaster. I think his staff dreaded the meetings he chaired as he is rather long winded and does not leave a stone unturned! In fact, I know they would run bets as to how long the meetings would last! I felt the same at these Board meetings and could not wait until all was done and we could set for for the first leg of our journey.

It was to be the last week we would spend with Sarah, Adrien and Oscar in their flat in Parkdene. We have had loads of fun there over the years but it is time for them to spread their wings and move to the suburbs!

While much of the packing had been done there were several more boxes to pack up! I love packing up homes....I could do this as a hobby or a small business. Many years ago while we were traveling through Zimbabwe we stopped of in Marondera, Zimbabwe, to connect with someone's Gran and deliver a parcel, to the Old Age home where she lived. This lady's job was to pack up homes after people had died or had to down scale due to bad health for some reason. I listened to her stories totally enraptured. She showed us some of the treasures she had collected along the way and I was hooked. I too could do this. I love seeing what folk have and I enjoy packing up all their treasures! I guess it is part of my inquisitive mind! (nosey parker my hubby says) BUT the greatest challenge of all will be packing up my own home when I pop off this mortal coil! Who will do this awful job?

While I packed boxes, Warren loaded his car up and took the boxes through to the new home. The move was delayed somewhat as the painted concrete floors would not dry!!! All the boxes had to be stacked in the Garage....good luck to those who do the sorting out of those boxes!

In between all of the packing and sorting, we fetched Oscar from School every day. We were able to observe him during one of his Judo sessions


When the weather was good we took him to Zoo lake for a play but it was a very rainy week and then there's no place like home, even if we were surrounded by boxes!

One of our last treats was to see the local production of Cinderella. What fun it was! The cast were mostly young folk and they did extremely well. Oscar and his friends thorughly enjoyed the production.

The theatre is situated in Hoofd Street, Braamfontein! NOSTALGIA! All of 48 years ago I arrived at JCE and was placed at Jaundice Hall as we called it but officially known as Reith Hall in Hoofd Street, Braamfontein, for three years! What fun we had. My, how the area has changed ...mostly for the better! I remember working all thise years ago as an 'usherette' at the Civic theatre and at the "Pig"(Pigalle) just to be able to see the shows. AAAH the memories!

That is Jaundice Hall sticking out above the trees!

This was a lovely way to end our stay before setting off for Malaysia.


Oscar having his last play in their garden before moving on.

(please ignore the dates on the photos as they are all wrong. My camera needs resetting!)

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