Monday, July 29, 2013

Birthday time.

We had no sooner got here and we had Joshua's birthday party to look forward to. Unfortunately he had the pox!! This also meant that he had to miss the last weekly school and this was the end of his first year before changing into the primary school. He missed his little concert too! Ah well we had fun keeping him busy. His party had to be changed from the Friday to the Sunday which meant less children and more Dads!

Moira and I popped off to the novelty shops down town and bought all manner of things to do with the chosen theme.."Angry Birds"! We wanted goodies to fill a goody bag for each of the children. We also needed prizes for the various games we planned. Oh my what a selection, we were spoilt for choice. What fun we had!


The party was to be held in the gardens at the poolside in Moira's condo.there was a little worry that it may rain but fortunately that did ot happen.

It is traditional that in addition to the food we supplied for the children we needed to have a proper meal ready for the adults. Fortunately Lorna the maid/assistant is a very good cook and she knew just what to do.

The children loved the games. They played 'pin the beak' which Ganga painted, had an egg and spoon race and pass the parcel.

After blowing candles out the children couldn't wait to jump into the pool to cool down. Well done Moira and Nick. What a fine little five year old you have produced!!




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