Friday, June 28, 2013


As a special treat for Father's Day Sarah had booked tickets for us to attend the John Cleese show at the Monte Casino in North Johannesburg. What a treat. We have been watching Fawlty Towers for years and years. Warren never fails to laugh and laugh!

We arrived early and enjoyed wandering around the shops and Casino. The disturbing thing is seeing so many older women playing the machines! Clearly these women don't have much and are probably addicted! I am sure they are hooked and loose more than they win! I don't wish to be judgmental but it is worrying!


Show time. The Teatra holds up to 1870 people and it felt and looked pretty full for the Sunday midday show! John Cleese is in South Africa for the movie Spud Two and is doing these monologue shows around the country. He calls it his "Alimony" show as he is still paying off his third wife and recently John Cleese(71) married again, to Jennifer Wade who is forty years his junior.


John Cleese took us through the journey of his career. He blames his Mother for his Black humour because she had a phobia about everything. At this point he pulled out a long list of his Mother's fears and as he read them the audience laughed and laughed and at the very end the last fear on the list was his Mother's fear of Princess Margaret!!


In between his chats he showed a few excerpts from his various shows. His favorite moments were ours too! What a privilege it was to see and hear John Cleese in person and to have a glimpse into this brilliant and talented man's life!!

Thank you Sarah and Adrien.

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