Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Keeping Busy.



After a week at home with Oscar we are back in the Golden City. Oscar is back at school and we are getting ready to fly to Malaysia. It was fun having the little fellow with us but it does mean that one has to put most projects aside and just be there for him. 


Fortunately I have this lovely friend Bridget, who has Jonathan who is two turning three and Bridget pointed me in the right direction for holiday activities for little ones.It was fun being part of the Yummy Mummy brigade and being reminded about those early years of bringing up children!



We baked, dressed up, read, and went out and about as much as possible. We even went to a book launch with Tina Scotford at the Book Boutique.


I purchased "Saving the Rhino in the Land of Kachoo". I am so glad I bought this book. I brought it to Malaysia for Joshua who is turning five and he LOVES it. In three days he has heard the story five times! He loves it and has learnt lots of new words too! It was lovely chatting to Tina about writing, I have googled her and she started off as a nutritionist!


The weather in Johannesburg was rather chilly especially in the morning and evening. Sarah's flat faces north and has huge big windows where the sun shines in and one can almost catch a tan! The north side where Oscars bedroom is is FREEZING! I bought a new water bottle for the little fellow and made winter sheets for him which I hope makes Winter a little less chilly for him. But I have decided that nothing is going to change Oscar from waking up and crawling into bed with whoever! I usually woke up with a little hand tucked around my throat, the body cuddled in and the little fellow fellow saying "Gan, Gan I Love You" aren't I fortunate to have this great little fellow who is so loving?

And now for Malaysia......!


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