Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mid January.

It's scary how time flies. Maybe i we are so busy that we do not notice how fast the days slip by. Right now we are in Johannesburg, which is an eight hour drive from where we live on the South Coast. I dozed on and off during most of the journey, however South African roads are characterized by the many potholes that have ""developed". Every time we got close to hitting a pothole my hubby would curse and complain which would waken me from my slumbers! At one stage we had to drive on the wrong side of the road in order to make progress in our journey. I hasten to add that we also take side roads and by-ways to avoid paying the tolls, which adds to the pothole dilemma.

In addition to being a slower route it is also a more scenic route and taking the time to look about I continue to marvel at our beautiful country. I also noted lots of Cosmos growing along the sides of the roads...this is supposed to indicate that Winter is approaching. Something's wrong. Maybe the universe's thermometer is changing because cooler weather is a long way off according to the Geography lessons I had many years ago.

The reason for coming to Johannesburg is because our grandson is to have his tonsils and adenoids out and grommets put in his ears. The day before the op we took Oscar off to the pool at Zoo Lake for a last swim before his op.


I have not been to a public pool for many, many years! This really was a blast from the past! Officially the pool opens for the public at 10 a.m. But the swimming pool keeper let us in the side entrance through his "digs"!! We were surprised to see loads of people already enjoying their time in the sun. As the morning wore on many more grandparents arrived with their grandchildren. The pool is a great place to bring your picnic blanket, a good book, lots of liquid, sunscreen and spend a fun day!!


The Op.

Sarah and Adrien went off at the crack of dawn to the Donald Gordon Hospital with Oscar. The hospital is so conveniently situated near to their apartment it takes a few minutes to get there. Warren and I went over mid morning and waited around until he had slept off his anaesthetic. It was heart breaking seeing and chatting to Mothers of little children who have cancer. A seven year old boy in our ward has just been diagnosed with early stage of lymphatic cancer! The little girl next to Oscar was from Kenya and she has had a tracheotomy...and so the stories continue. It is time to hold our children and grandchildren really tight and to count our blessings.


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