Sunday, December 23, 2012

Catching up.

 Sorry but this posting should have been before the previous two but I don't know how to arrange that!

I have been quietly sulking in my corner because I could not get my  I Pad to work at our Bush place. We have to go up to the recreation centre to use their wireless and suddenly, no matter what I did I could not get to send/post  anything on my I pad. I was so disappointed and just gave up.

The remaining time was spent on finishing my jigsaw puzzles, reading and more reading and doing just a little craft work.  In between we had some lovely drives into the park with amazing sights. I can only describe the bush as being magical. With the abundance of rains everything was green and lush and the animals were enjoying the fact that they did not have to go far for their daily drinks!!

The last week Warren's sister Colleen, husband James and daughter Glynne joined us. This was Glynne's first time at the Bush house and she was such a delight to have around. Apart from our wonderful sightings in the Park at night our  special friends joined us. Firstly Janet the genet started getting rather friendly and would come up very close and we were sure he was looking for little snacks. It is an absolute no no feeding wild animals but it appears that Janet the genet has definitely been spoilt by fellow visitors to the estate. I confess that I was rather afraid of the little creature and was petrified that she would come up and rub herself against me. I tend to yelp and make a noise that is most unbecoming!!  I must have had a bad experience in my former life. But the Mitchells were delighted to meet this little creature.

The second nocturnal visitor was a bush baby who watched from the roof while we sat around the fire. His beautiful tail was a sight to behold.  He was much shyer than the genet and after staring at us took cover in the nearby tree. the visit was so brief I did not even get a photograph.

The same night once the girls had retired our friend, Buster, the hyaena came and popped by just making sure we had not forgotten him!! Glynne was thrilled to see him as we had told her so many stories about the local hyaenas. So a bumper time it was!!

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