Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

As my new friend Cheng, "worked' at the temple (keeping the loos clean) and spent many hours there each day, I was very pleased when she offered to give me a personal tour of the Temple of the Sacred Tooth.
The Tooth Relic is shown three times a day. We chose to go to the 9:30 ceremony.There were hundreds of people waiting to go into the temple.

The Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa)is believed to house the left upper canine tooth of the Lord Buddha himself. While the outside of the Temple is quite simple the interior is absolutely magnificent.
The entire complex is surrounded by a moat and a beautiful wall which in ancient times would have little oil lamps lit during festivals.

When nine thirty arrives, the drummers start drumming and a trumpeter plays.

Everyone who wishes to see the Tooth relic lines up and files in in an orderly fashion into the Inner chambers.Bowls of lotus and jasmine petals are supplied and you are invited to file past and see the tooth relic and to pay your respects.

The relic rests on a gold lotus flower, encased in jewels and is on a throne. My guide whipped me passed so quickly and took me up to the library to meet her master.

 He was in the library.

At this stage one has to add more money to a big bowl. Cheng put some money in and took out some change. I did giggle at that!! I hope she adds and minus's correctly.

A moonstone
Flooring in the Temple.

Doors to the Inner sanctum
Just a few of the many cameos I had the privilege of seeing.

Eventually Cheng left me to wander around on my own as she had run out of "power" meaning energy. I was able to visit the  International Museum of  World Buddhism and the Archeological Museum.

Lastly I popped over to see the Resident elephant. I really don't like to see elephants chained up.the public were delighted to see him and were feeding him nuts so maybe he is happy.

All in all I had a wonderful day!
Apart from a little shopping, we just enjoyed the ambiance of Kandy, taking in our last memories of Sri Lanka before returning to Malaysia.

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