Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Taking to the Hills!

After enjoying the coast it was time to see what the interior of Sri Lanka has to offer. after couple of interesting bus trips we were on our way to Ella which had been recommended by many travelers.

The best part of traveling on buses is the music....loud, happy Sri Lankan music  plays as the bus goes along, all the plastic flower swing around and the case of little statues shine brightly, hopefully looking after all of us as the driver uses up my nine lives!!

The negative is that once again the bus is never full and more and more people are stuffed into the bus. we must have had three times the recommended number of passengers and the traffic police seem to be totally unperturbed.  Saint Christopher was foremost in my mind and he must have been listening as we arrived safely in Ella.

As the bus left the coastal region the terrain changed from lovely lush rice paddies to dry bushveld which reminded us of home. This in turn changed to verdant hills covered with tea bushes. In between the tea bushes I saw some of the tallest trees ever!!

Once we were settled in Ella, it was time to go exploring. We had heard of Adams peak and saw a sign for Little Adam's Peak and headed off in that direction. The route was not well sign posted but the locals kept pointing out where we should go. I am NOT a climber however all this looked so easy and I just kept going! A couple of workers took us on a short cut through the lovely green tea bushes.
We climbed and climbed and passed other climbers coming down who encouraged us to keep going.

All we wanted to do is get to the top and see what all the fuss is about!!
I climbed Adam's Peak...the little one!
Hooray...we are at the top of Adam's Peak.....surely there should have  been some sort of signage telling us something. All we saw was a signpost to the local restaurant.

Back at base I found out that this was just a little hill and the real Adams Peak is a long, long way away and is a HUGE climb, definitely not my kind of challenge. Oh well, a little delusion is a whole lot of fun!!

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