Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Putting a little colour in to my life,

It is time to do a little quilting before I start packing for our next trip.

I wanted to use some of these beautiful fabrics my friend Jan brought back from the states. They are cotton scarves made in India!! The colors are vibrant and fun and run just a little so a wall hanging will work as it won't need much washing.

When I look out from our 25th floor apartment on the one side, are these "little" boxes.
 Not much sign of life except at night when lights go on and the T.V. monitor provides entertainment

 On the other side is the Kampong with it's colourful roofs. This is where the local people live and one can hear laughter and music ringing out from there. The children chase each other on the open field and the parents sit in groups on their plastic chairs exchanging news.
There is a sense of community life and fun.
My inspiration.

Something colourful and wavy.

When I get back from my travels I will quilt this and add beads and .......we'll see!

More to follow!

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  1. I love this! It is so colourful and happy!
    I love reading about your travels!

    Take care my friend