Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jew Town.

A visit to Jew Town in Cochin is an absolute must. To get there we take a tuk tuk and enjoy winding down the narrow streets dodging the big trucks unloading or loading  of goods. This is where the real business takes place. Cochin was the centre of the Spice trade for India and is still very busy!

The Paradesi (meaning foreigners)Synagogue was built in 1568 to serve the needs of the early traders who settled in this area. Most of the Jewish settlers have moved on or converted but there are reputed to be three Jews living in the area. I have tried to get into the Synagogue three times without any success however it is reputed to be lovely inside with a floor created from Chinese tiles.
The area is filled with wonderful antique shops where one is welcome to spend time browsing. One of the"best buys" for us were door knobs which we installed on our Toti flat. A lovely reminder of a lovely place!

Jew Town

and the old and not so colourful.

The narrow winding roads are lined with buildings which have bright, colourful doors and windows to add to the charm of the area.

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