Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life is a journey!

Yesterday it was my 65th birthday! I need to get that bucket list out and start ticking of all the things I would like to achieve before I really am too old and decrepid! Top of the list is Blogging. I have blogged before but I am determined to start again and to keep it going. I have just read through my two previous blogs and it really is fun looking back on our travels, adventures, quilts I have made and fabrics I have collected. If you look very carefully you may find a picture of you somewhere in there too!
You are invited to join me on this new journey and hopefully the photies I add, will make it really interesting for you to spend a few moments now and then reading my blog.
Warren and I are in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia staying in Nick and Moira's beautiful home. We have been coming to K.L. for the past eight years and really love this city. Having this home as a base is such a bonus and from here we have and will be traveling around Asia for the next six months.

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