Friday, November 15, 2013

Moving on

Our month at home is over and although I have not done much blogging, I have been busy doing lots of wonderful things like ......of course it has to be quilting!

Going to the Book Boutique is a weekly fix. The ambience is pleasant and conducive to good conversation. It is a great venue to meet up with friends and to enjoy a cup of coffee. Regularly writers are present at the Book Boutique to launch their new books. I missed Peter Dirkie Uys and Tony Parks. Two writers whom I would have loved to have met and heard speak.

I managed to get to the monthly cross stitch meet up, but I do confess that cross stitch no longer interests me. I thoroughly enjoy the company and take along some other handwork. Our mouths tend to work more than our hands!! Just going along and seeing the wonderful work the other ladies do is such an inspiration.

The Post Card girls also had a get together although only three of the original group attended. The idea is that we make fabric post cards and send them to each other. Each month we have a different theme and this month is "Bubbles"! I am up to date and in fact I have completed next months challenge too, which is "Landscapes". We are looking to expanding our group and interact with other quilters elsewhere!

(these are not ours but belong to the Pleasuretime Quilters.)



Bridget turned forty a while ago but chose to have her party during September when Spring was in the air. As she was to have an "Enchanted Forest" theme and it was to be held in the bottom of her garden the last thing she needed was rain. Bridget worked so hard planning and making decorations. She also did all her own catering and made costumes for her and Peter. I assured her that according to Swazi belief if it rains on auspicious occasions good luck will reign forever. It happened to be one of the wettest weekends ever....the wind blew and the rain poured on and off. It was chilly and the enchanted forest turned into a dripping forest, but Bridget gritted her teeth and continued with all her plans, which included putting up gazebos. By four thirty, with thirty minutes to go before everyone arrived, the sky cleared, the wind calmed down and everything was ready! We had a lovely evening. Everyone dressed up and even the children had loads of fun. What a star Bridget is....and may she enjoy all the luck in the world.

(Not sure that we look like Forest Folk.)

Scottburgh Pleasuretime guild held an exhibition of lovely quilts. They too had the misfortune of rainy weather. However It stopped raining long enoughorder the organizers to go ahead with their plans. Congratulations

Spending time with my sister has been great. Her and her hubby travel away as we do! so when we happen to be in Toti at the same time we like to do things together.


An artist on our beach showing that if you have the heart and desire you can create anywhere!


Soon it was time to start packing for our trip to the Bush House. Time flies when you are having fun!!


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  1. Hi there, love your blog and hoping I am now hopefully replying correctly so that you know that we love the way you share all your goings on with us! Xx