Monday, August 27, 2012

A little escape.

To fully enjoy these holidays we booked into the local Hyatt which is situated on the Beach. I have never been up to this part of the world and as always I love nothing more than finding and experiencing new places.

The hotel was great and Joshua loved spending hours in the pool with his Ten Ringit fishing rod. He is swimming like a little fish himself so while we keep an eye on him he is reasonably safe.


During the day was lovely. Malaysians love flying kites. At times the sky was full of beautiful kites which are so lovely to watch as they fly around in the sky. While watching them on one occasion was amused to see a real live Kite in bird flying attacking these kites as she was obviously concerned about these foreign objects entering her territory! She would bomb them and bomb them trying to defend her territory! One of the ladies near me reeled her expensive kite in as she was not prepared to have it damaged! Who would have thought?


Both the big boys and the little ones had fun with the kite.

At night the troubles started. The fireworks and crackers never seemed to stop exploding into the night sky. Asians love their fireworks and don't stop until The early hours of the morning! I guess it's fine if you are outside and part of it but if you are trying to sleep it can be most irritating! The worry is the animals and the sleeping children. That is another difference. Asian children seem able to stay up all hours of the night, certainly longer than I can!


While I was not particularly well, I really loved being at the seaside and having this little quality family holiday., just before we leave Malysia. Thanks Nick and Moira. Thanks for the fun Johua!


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