Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teddy Bears!!!!!

Korea has no less than five Teddy Bear Museums. I was fortunate enough to visit the Museum situated in Seoul.


 To get to this Museum one has to take the cable car to the entrance to the N Seoul Tower and the Observation Deck.

 This a wonderful spot from which to see the entire city of Seoul and beyond.
  This photo was taken through thick glass, so I am sorry that it is not so clear. One does get the impression that Seoul is a city of modern high rises and quite rightly so!

 Outside the entrance are several "trees" of locks and messages.

 Traditionally couples bring a lock up to this point and write messages of love to each other and then toss the keys away.

 Any one with shares in the lock business would have scored.

 There are thousands and thousands of locks and messages. Evidently the authorities have tried to stop this tradition. I thought it rather fun and a little romantic.

 The museum has two exhibition halls. The first hall has scenes of bears depicting scenes of  the history of the city since the Joseon Dynasty to modern day Seoul.

 There are such delightful scenes. Most of them in Exhibition Hall 1 are scenes of life in the King's Palace.

 Training to take up their arms.

Entertaining the King.

Exhibition Hall 2 is the NOW in Korean history. Here is a pop band entertaining Tourists.
The attention to detail is unbelievable! A modern day wedding!

 Market day!
 The Artist at work.
 The Market Place.
 AND a few beautiful Steiff bears.  These are all behind glass as they are very valuable.

I loved my visit to this museum and oohed and aahed and took lots of happy snaps. I would love to have visited the other Teddy Bear Museums around Korea but there is a limit to what one can achieve in two weeks!! This Museum is an absolute MUST!

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