Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Mothers.

Mother's Day.
 Waking up to the most exquisite morning here in Sri Lanka where the weather is a constant 28* I went on my quest to find more Cowrie shells. While searching along the shoreline I remembered it is Mother's Day and thought it appropriate to pay tribute to all our Mothers, Past, Present and future. I still miss my own mother very much.

My lovely Mother..
Joyce (Winter) King was a beautiful, young redhead when my tall dark and handsome Father met her. They were school buddies and loved each other from the start to the end. They married very young while the clouds of W.W. 2 were hovering over the world and no sooner had my elder brother been born, Father had to go off to join the army. He was probably only eighteen or nineteen years old. Mother struggled on with the help of family on both sides, to work and bring up her young son. She must have been on her own for five or six years. Returning from the war there were good opportunities for men in the building line and once he started working for a renowned building firm Dad was sent all over the land, including what was then Southern Rhodesia!

 My Mother, together with three young children boarded a train for the unknown and just accepted each challenge as they came along which showed her amazing tenacity. Living in daub and wattle bungalows, fetching water from the well, mixing with women from all sorts of backgrounds and making a lovely home for her beloved husband and her young family. The only regret she ever carried was that my eldest brother did not join us on these adventures and stayed with his loving and persuasive grandparents. Lang never really lived with us again but we spent lots of holidays together. Eventually, on return to S.A. And a few contracts later my Mom and Dad welcomed a fifth child into the family...twenty years after their fist son was born!!

 My father died far too young and needless to say my Mother was broken hearted. Her one wish which echoes in my ears to this day is "Just give me one more day with your Dad!" The lessons I take from her and hope I can pass on are Kindness, Compassion, Caring about the underdog, never complaining,(not easy), looking for the good in everyone and every situation and many more which are deeply imbedded.
Miss you Joycie.

 Warren's mother was quite a character who loved to laugh and have a good time. At times she could be the proverbial drama queen and just loved being teased. I met Jean when I was just eighteen years old and she welcomed me into her home and treated me like another daughter. She was very domesticated and loved cooking and cleaning and at times I think I frustrated her with my total lack of interest in all things domestic. I would far rather read a book than do housework of any description.
Jean loved her children and was passionate about her grandchildren of which there were a dozen. The love for Nana was mutual and the children have many treasured memories of the times spent with their Grandmother.
 I have beautiful memories of both my Grandmothers and I was fortunate enough to meet both of Warren's. We come from interesting stock! Today I pay tribute to those Grand Dames and I also pay tribute to our daughters, daughters-in-law, nieces, sisters-in-law, girlfriends and all the Mothers I know. Have a blessed day.

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