Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ayuverdic Massages.

Today being Sunday, in addition to hearing the Imam call to prayer, the Hindus singing, lovely church bells were ringing. Rosie and Thomas go to the Catholic church and when Warren walked passed he said the singing and music coming from there had a decidedly Hindu ring to it!

The Ayuverdic Centre.
As a special treat today, we were booked to go next door to the Ayurvedic centre for massages.

Indian massages are very different to Thai or Chinese massages as there is absolutely no place for modesty.
There is no soft music playing or crispy white towels, at least not at this centre or the one we visited during our last trip to India.

So off I go. I am lead through the gardens to the "salon"
The salon.
 The  Massage session proceeds like the following:

The Therapist points to my clothes and says "off" and gives a little nidnod!
I say "all"?
 She says "all"!more nidnodding.
okay all the kit comes off.
She says "sit" so I sit on this little stool next to the bed and the therapist starts banging and rubbing and chopping on my skull which I confess felt rather good.(a good way to get rid of the cobwebs inside my head.)

Then she says "on" and points to this carved wooden bed.
Lying flat on your back in your birthday suit is not the only way I coped was by closing my eyes and listened to the sounds coming from the garden outside and thinking of OTHER things.

A second therapist enters the room, one for each side and they work up and down and round about and nowhere is out of bounds. wow.....eventually a third lady joins in and I have three ladies working on my body!

Soon it is time to turn on my side and then on the other side and finally on my tummy.
All the time the therapists are using delicious smelling heated oils and it really felt marvelous....nudity and all!!

I did ask them to close the door just a little....!

The three therapists!

After all the action I am pleased to say I was given a gown and walked to the cold water shower a little way away. It was a very interesting and pleasurable massage. Would I do it again.....OF course I would!

Every time we leave our resort to go to the town we have to pass through the Ayuverdic centre and I wonder what these ladies say to each other when they see me.   mmmmmmmmm

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