Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chobe Elephant Lodge.

On leaving the Sango Lodge in our 4x4 we had to be towed through deep water. Carol let the tyres down, we piled into the lodge vehicle and AJ the camp manager drove our car! What fun. The water sloshed up the sides of the vehicle and at times we felt as though we were on a boat!

The road to Chobe has to be the dustiest, sandiest and bumpiest I have ever known. Despite Mark controlling the steering wheel he manages to spot amazing things. I think he has super vision lenses. From the smallest tortoise, the fastest snake, the racquet tailed roller (Carol's sighting) the two of them make a formidable team!

The Chobe Elephant Lodge is built on a hill overlooking the river and was a unique construction in that to be Eco friendly Sandbags are used instead of bricks and then plastered. The walls are note refectory even but this all adds to the character of the place. No glass is used in the windows but gauze and shutters keep out the minus and cold. All the furniture was designed and built to Mark's standards. This lodge is a real monument to both he and Carol.

The lodge has only been open for four months and during this time the elephants have come down to drink at the guests swimming pool and several of the boards have had to be replaced! The day I walked down the baboons were playing on the deck!

Each day we would set off wrapped up in blankets, beanies, scarves etc to keep the chill factor out. In our cooler box Carol made sure we were well armed with Amarula Coffee and rusks to build up our warmth!


The second day we were there we went along the river on the boat and it was an amazing experience. The elephants swim across the river into the islands of grass and just eat and eat and eat! On the banks much frolicking took place as they teased and clambered over each other. Mark pointed out that only mammals play! True. We saw much evidence of this.

While watching the elephants, a second drama was taking place. Two crocs were sunning themselves and an impala, being very daring was getting closer and closer. One watches with a sense of excitement waiting for the inevitable to happen on one hand and hoping the impala will escape on the other! It appears that good sense prevailed and the impala escaped!

Cruising along on the river it was wonderful to see all the animals come down for their sundowner too. This was such a spectacular experience.


Another stunning day in Africa. How lucky we are to be able to experience the best of Africa.

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