Monday, August 6, 2012

Farewells, fun and more family fun!

It is time to bid our lovely family, farewell. We tend to keep these goodbyes low key and to rather focus on the good times we have enjoyed and the good times ahead. Time flashes by when fun is being had and the month in the states is just one example of that. Christopher and Diana are enjoying living in the states and are seeing as much of the country as possible! We thank them for being so good to us and allowing us to share some special times while we were there. Their three lovely children are a tribute to them and also to the quality time they put into their parenting. We are so proud of you!

Diana uses her gardening skills to grow tomatoes and other herbs in their small back garden. The children have been watching the progress of the tomato laden bushes just itching to pick them. Ben in particular could not wait to pull them off the bush. At last a few turned red and without any more waiting, were harvested for us to enjoy with our meal.

In the kitchen, the children often help with baking. I made a special apron and hat for Molly's last birthday and there is always a rush to see who can don the hat first and then the apron. I will add that I have made all the children African aprons but this pink set is the favorite. Maybe it is time to make Ben his own set then Ben need not be "Molly".

Benjamin Nelson turning three has given us lots and lots of laughs! He is a small packet of dynamite and does everything to keep up with his two sisters. Poor guy even tries to dress like them!

He and Dad have lots of fun together.

Hannah is the "Fashionista" of the family and spends much time choosing her outfit every day, brushing her hair and donning her tiara or her band. I referred to her hair band as an "Alice" band which is the term we used to use and she was curious why I would call it an Alice band. I too have learnt new words such as "rashies" (long sleeved swimming tops), "floaties" (swimming tubes) and sunnies. I guess we are never too old to learn!

Molly is the sweetest and kindest little girl ever and loves to play with her friends. She never sits still for long and loves to swing on the jungle gym, jump on the trampoline and do turns in the air!

She has a sweet tooth and just loves a treat or two.

They all have inherited good entrepreneurial skills like their father. He used to borrow capital to buy sweets and other necessities to sell at boarding school but somehow all the profits were eaten! The "beds" they are selling are actually beads!

Diana and I had loads of fun finding new quilting shops and buying just a little of this and that!

Times have changed and bring up children has taken on another dimension with all the techno things available. Ben, not yet three, has worked an I pad for some time and now and has his own. Molly and Hannh each have their own too which is necessary for the sake of peace in the home. They watch movies, do puzzles and games and other interesting things. Like it or not, this is the way the world is gong and instead of fighting it we go with the flow. The children have lots of books read to them and hopefully will be readers some day even if it is using a Kindle. They play lots, love their friends and go off with their parents on many wonderful excursions. What more can you wish for.

Thank you to our great family and also to their kind neighbors who made us so welcome. We loved our time with you and take away wonderful memories.xxxx

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