Friday, August 3, 2012

Adventure Playground.

As it is nearing the end of the school ear for Hannah a visit to the Adventure Playground was arranged by the school. Diana had offered to transport some of the children and I was invited to go along. The Adventure playground or "junk playground" is situated in Berkley and is the last of its kind. Many areas like this were set aside for children to heal and rebuild their lives after World War Two and many still exist in Europe. However this is the last of its kind in the states.

each child is challenged to find the above items. The play ground is fitted out with lots of wooden structures made from bits and pieces of wood which local builders have donated. The children are free to create whatever they wish.

There are no rules or guidelines. Each child is encouraged to do whatever they like. Their reward for finding anything off the list is the choice of hammers and a choice of paint.

It was amazing to see the little ones walking around with their metal detectors finding nails buried in the sand and then taking a hammer designed for adults, choosing their piece of wood and enjoying hammering in her nails!! She is a better "hammer a in" than I am!!

In between carrying out the challenges the children can climb, go on the zip line, play old pianos and just have fun!!

I was so taken with this playground and thought of the many troubled. Hidden who could benefit from a couple of hours here every so often!

It is also a great place for company's to dump their junk!!

After this creative play, the children had their lunch and then went down to the "beach" to look for crabs!

A wonderful day was had by all! I am so pleased to have been part of it.

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